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At K S Oils, be it reputation or capital, we believe in preserving and growing them.

Corporate governance at K S Oils is about "conscience keeping". It is about maximizing value for all our stakeholders in a legal, ethics and continuous way, maintaining the trust and faith of every stakeholder, the shareholder being the first among them. At K S Oils we are accountable to the entire spectrum of stakeholders - shareholders, investors, employees, vendors & partners, governments and society as a whole. Adherence to corporate governance practices at K S Oils' does not stem from external or legal imposition, but from our internal belief in practicing integrity and ethics in personal and professional domains. At K S Oils ethics and values, the pious sentinels of corporate governance are ingrained in the character of the organization.

We believe that Corporate Governance is an enabler to building a world class organization and that sound governance practices are critical to develop and enhance investor confidence. We believe in doing fair and arm's length transactions, maintaining the highest standards of transparency, integrity and ethics.

Our Board of Directors is an eclectic mix of people who believe in setting and practicing the highest standards of performance achieved through best business and ethical practices. With a board representation of Independent Directors and Nominee Directors who have global exposure, the Board seeks and adheres to the highest international norms for disclosure and reporting. The board members exercise their fiduciary responsibilities with utmost sincerity and beyond the written terms.

One of the most important aspects of corporate governance is the accountability of the Board towards all and we ensure minority shareholder rights are respected and heard at all times. Sharing the same set of information with all stakeholders, big or small is another cornerstone of our transparent practices.

As a company, we give equal importance to business conduct and business performance. For us it is important that our business performance is not at the cost of our business conduct, and we will step aside from business deals if they do not fall in line with our business conduct charter of equality, respect, integrity and trust. Today, because of our business conduct, performance and long-term vision we are recognized as a company that creates value not only for its immediate stakeholders but for the society as a whole.

Corporate Governance Philosophy

The important tenants of K S Oils corporate governance philosophy are:

  • Transparency and fairness in all our business dealings
  • Follow the laws of the land in letter and spirit
  • Creating a healthy and safe work environment for employees
  • Business conduct before business performance
  • Creating value and gains for shareholders in a transparent and ethical manner
  • Working with society to ensure inclusive growth

Board Members

At the helm of our corporate governance initiative is our Board, which leads the management performance and protects the long-term interests of our stakeholders. We believe that an active, experienced and independent Board comprising industry veterans is essential to ensure compliance with the highest standards of corporate governance. Today, five out of eleven members of the board are independent directors. It also has 2 nominee Directors of the Private Equity players who have invested in the Company.

Further, the Company has audit, remuneration, shareholder's / investors grievances committees, which comprise directors and professionals.

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