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At K S Oils, we believe in building businesses and leaders who create value.
We value and practice

  • Integrity with passion,
  • Innovation with creativity,
  • Entrepreneurial zeal with professional experience
  • And above all a "can do" attitude

As an organization, K S Oils is witnessing rapid growth and is looking out for best talent to fuel this growth further. The Company offers a world class work environment and issuing global HR consultants and senior management time to upscale its HR practices to best Indian standards. From basic communication training to leadership development programs to senior management growth path, K S Oils is slowly but surely moving towards becoming an employer of choice in the FMCG sector.

At K S Oils we cherish people who dare to dream big and have the determination to realize it. We have an entrepreneurial work culture where we empower our employees to take risks, experiment, learn from mistakes and ultimately win in the marketplace. We leverage on the experience and discretion of seasoned professionals and the fresh ideas and zest of the younger workforce. Through open channels of communication we focus on stimulating a feedback driven changed mechanism.

The past few years have been exceptionally good for K S Oils, but this is just the beginning. Our ambitions are sky high and the road ahead is a demanding one. We invite professionals who would like to be a part of this challenging journey towards growth, prosperity and professional and personal fulfillment but rewarding journey