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New Delhi, November 24, 2010

K S Oils Q2 turnover at Rs. 1,035 crore, festive season sales augur well for the company

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  • Net Sales increased by 9% to Rs. 1,035 crore
  • EBIDTA increased by 19% to Rs. 146 crore
  • Net Profit increased by 1.8% to Rs. 51 crore
  • EPS at Rs. 1.25

Quarter highlights:

  • K S Oils’ retail-led brand strategy helped in consolidating sales in its current markets across India.
  • The company’s current strength of distributors and C&F agents is over 1,400 and at the end of the quarter, the company reaches out to over 2,00,000 retail touch points.
  • Kalash, the company’s flagship soybean and mustard oil brand saw increased demand during the
    festive season.

New Delhi, November 24, 2010: K S Oils Limited, one of India's leading FMCG led integrated edible oil company and the leader in branded mustard oil, posted a 9% growth in turnover in Q2 FY 10-11. The company declared a turnover of Rs. 1,035 crore during the second quarter of FY 10-11 from Rs. 946 crore during the corresponding period of the previous year.

K S Oils reported an EBIDTA of Rs. 146.17 crore for the quarter ended September 30, 2010 as compared to Rs. 122.87 crore during the corresponding period of the previous financial year. The company’s profit after tax (PAT) grew to Rs. 51.11 crore for the September quarter as compared to Rs. 50.18 crore during the corresponding period of the previous year. The company’s second quarter EPS stood at Rs. 1.25 as compared to Rs. 1.27 during the same period last fiscal.

Announcing the results, Mr. Ramesh Chand Garg, Chairman, K S Oils said, “With increased efficiency at our manufacturing facilities and higher sales during the festive season our performance in this quarter has been encouraging. In the future our focus remains on providing superior quality products to our consumers across the edible oil sector. K S Oils’ will continue to focus on both urban and rural markets through its retail strategy.”

With the increase in consumer demand this festive season, the retail outlets selling K S Oils’ brands across the country reported better sales. East India particularly recorded higher demand due to a local festival, Durga Puja. The company’s retail-led strategy showed results as it continued to add C&F agents and distributors to its existing network and launched its brands in new cities during the quarter. With these new additions, K S Oils’ distribution network now consists of over 1,400 C&F agents and distributors, reaching out to over 2 lakh retailers.

The company’s retail drive in new geographies like Central and Western India has been getting a good response. Thus, while the company enjoys a leadership position in the North East and East India, its foray into Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana, Maharashtra, etc. has also been getting a good response. Today, K S Oils brands are available across all major Indian states.

K S Oils’ five manufacturing plants across India has enabled the company to meet the rising consumer demand for its products, while simultaneously keeping its brand promise of maintaining a high quality and taste in all its products.

About K S Oil Limited (www.ksoils.com):

K S Oils Limited is a leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods edible oil player from India with two leading brands, Double Sher and Kalash. With a wide range of product offerings across all edible oils, like mustard, soyabean and palm oil, its products are available under the brand name of Kalash and Double Sher.

With an FMCG-led brand focus, the company’s promise is to deliver purity, nutrition and health to millions of Indian consumers. Moreover, in the past two decades, the company has built a significant market share across all of its product categories. A professionally managed company, with operations across four countries in South Asia - India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia - K S Oils has been creating value across the entire edible oil supply chain. Today, the company has attracted the best investors with three leading Private Equity players, CVC International, Barings Private Equity and The New Silk Route Partners (NSR) owning a significant stake in the company and partnering in its growth. The company follows a sustainable environment-friendly business practice, which ensures a better and healthier tomorrow to its consumers and other stakeholders.